Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Favorite Lolita Print

Oftentimes, a print comes up so high in demand and desirable that you don't even bother to add it to your mental wishlist. Why get your hopes when the lolita desire of your dreams seems nearly impossible to get? That's the case with me and Angelic Pretty's Cat Tea Party. The piece very seldom comes up for listing, and even then the prices can push up $1,000 which is out of my price range for a single dress at the moment.
The cats radiate a regal air just sitting at the table. Two of them gossip behind a fan while another looks on with intense interest from a seat away. The royal at the table sticks her tongue out in a sassy manner, secure enough in her position to act with complete composure and dignity without worry of the gossip. 
The Imai Kira art for the piece is lovely with two girls staring forward carrying cakes that match the color of the other one's dress. 
The cut of the dress itself is also amazing, of course. If getting just one more piece could make my lolita wardrobe complete, then Cat's Tea Party would be that piece for me. 

The above post idea was originally from F Yeah Lolita's original list, Lolita 52 Challenge

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