Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: 2014 Trends You Predict

I always feel like I'm behind on what's trendy, but I'll make a good attempt at predicting what we'll see more of in lolita fashion during 2014.

  • Rosettes: My friends and tumblr wall have all been starting to sport rosettes clipped to the front of their jsk's or appended to the brim of a hat. Angelic Pretty released several series featuring rosettes during the course of 2013. In their latest collection, Wonder Queen, they also feature a rosette I'd love to own, and Mossbadger has a large collection of rosettes I've been admiring recently. Heck, I even tried my hand at making one recently as you can see in the photo set above. I think we'll definitely be seeing more during 2014. 
  • Salopettes: Salopettes have been increasingly popular throughout the course of 2013, and I think that the trend will continue to rage with more and more girls trying out salopettes during 2014. I've got the Candy Sprinkle salopette set in the mail right now, so I'm looking forward to indulging in this trend for the first time soon. 
  • Chiffon and other extras to dresses: With the prevalence of replicas which it felt like brands began to acknowledge back in late 2012 with the banning of replicas from the egl-comm-sales site, I've noticed a great uptick in brands using fancier chiffon fabrics and detailing on their dresses. I expect to continue to see more chiffon and small detailing beyond just special lace in the coming year. 

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