Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival Acceptance

I'm very excited as I write this! I've been accepted to the Lolita Blog Carnival. If you haven't seen the posts around lolita blogs yet, it's basically a group which focuses on lolita bloggers which are all given the same challenge to write a post on said challenge. Then each participant links to the other blogs links so that readers can get a feel for what other girls did for the challenge.

While I may not be able to write much right now at the tail end of the school semester, I'm looking forward to the challenges and joys of being apart of this group.


  1. that's so cool ... I was thinking about the Lolita Blog Carnival but I got intimidated because many of the Lolita blogs I follow are a part of it. I'm super excited for you. Was it hard to apply? When do your challenges start? Hope your semester is going well. We'll have have to catch up soon.

    1. The application process was pretty easy. 3 main things you have to have:
      1. Blog at least 3 months old
      2. At least 9 blog posts
      3. Be a lolita blog

      The challenges are basically posted as weekly events on Facebook then are posted on Fridays. I'm really excited, and I'm working on my first post right now.

      I want to see you too. <3 I've missed seeing you at the last few meet ups. :(

    2. I've been busy for so many of the past meet ups. I wanted to do to the ballet meet but I forgot to buy tickets. I guess I'll have to wait until the new year.

  2. I was so excited when I was accepted too! It's a really great opportunity for all of us involved~!