Sunday, August 19, 2012

And Those Long Summer Days

I haven't had much to write about the course of this summer. Living in the South with burning hot temperatures outside most of the day has put a serious damper on me wearing lolita most days. Luckily, the air is starting to have a slightly better chill to it, so I'm hoping to get back into the swing of dressing up again soon.

Bodyline, which has been a staple of my closet, didn't release many new prints this year during the summer also. Though with the announcement of Mr Yan's birthday party occurring in September and him wanting girls to pose in new pieces for him, I'm imagining a splurge of new releases will be coming soon.... The main piece I noted came out this summer was their L497 jsk.

While a kind of cute print with a theme of candy and donuts, I just don't see myself buying it for the list price of $80 when their better looking squirrels OP being sold for $47 and the Cinderella bunnies being sold at $60. 

I'd have to say the piece I currently have the biggest crush for is Innocent World's fawn jumper:

I've been warming up to more classic sweet style prints with frolicking forest animals on them. <3

Finally, is it just more, or has EGL Comm Sales gotten more sluggish with less activity / people buying things since the announce of the ban on replicas? I can recall that a number of girls in plus sized online comms I'm in mentioned that they would stop browsing there because of the vast lack of things that would fit them. What do you think?

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