Friday, June 29, 2012

PinkyParadise Review

I've been eyeing getting a pair of circle lens for a while. After seeing positive reviews for PinkyParadise and getting recommendations from friends, I finally decided to take the dive and try a pair.

I chose the cheapest shipping option of international registered air mail. Though the shipping was only promised to get to me within 14 to 25 days, I received the item after only 9 days.

The item itself was well packaged. The envelope was full of bubble wrap, and the lens themselves were bound in a very thick layer of pink packing material. I noted no damages to the items at all.

I decided for my first pair to order the 30Days Comfy Black lenses. The lenses were the cheapest option on the site which I found perfect for someone just getting started and not sure about whether or not they'll like circle lenses yet.

Lens packaging along with the free animal eye case and hair velcro gift
I really enjoyed that an animal contact case is included with every order. While my hippos are cute, I'm really hoping for the frogs or the piggy case with my next order.

Upon trying on the lenses, I found that they were somewhat difficult to get in compared to my regular prescription contacts, probably due to the 14.5 mm width. However, once they were in, they were amazing comfortable as their name would suggest. I was able to wear them all day with only a little discomfort coming towards the end of the day when I started feeling tired.

I also felt that the contacts made a significant difference on the appearance of my eyes without being overwhelming.

Comparison: Left eye without lens and right eye with lens
Both eyes with lenses
I was overall very happy with my order and plan on ordering from PinkyParadise again. I also decided to sign up for their affiliate program after receiving my order, so if you've enjoyed the review, please click on banner for them to the right.


  1. WOW cool! I've always wanted circle lenses! They look really adorable~ So are the lenses not prescription?

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