Friday, May 4, 2012

30 Day Lolita Challenge, Day 28: The Perfect Lolita Location

I took a very long time to think about this particular question. What do I consider to be the perfect lolita place? Would it be Disneyworld which brands itself as the magic kingdom? Would an elegant tea house be more of a suitable location? Or what about the grand balls with skirts billowing in the wind as dancing happened beneath the moon?

I ultimately decided that the best location to me would be none of the above. Above all, I would pride a museum as being a perfection lolita location. Many girls put a lot of effort into their lolita coordinates, so much so that they look like walking works of art (especially with the OTT classic trend going around where girls are literally wearing art). I love the idea of all the frills and lace detailing walking amidst Victorian era art. It seems almost like a tribute to those long dead artists, a nod to the past that it's still relevant.

A Picture of the Garden Area of My Local Musuem

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